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City of Boulder Election Report

Statement of Organization

City of Boulder Form BRC, 1981

Filed Date:08/14/2011
Confirmed Date:08/12/2011

Candidate Information

Legal Name:Daniel M. M King
Name on Ballot:Dan King
Home Address:255 Manhattan Dr., Boulder, CO 80303
Business Address:800 28th St., Boulder, CO 80303
Daytime Phone:720-974-7774
Mobile Phone:303-588-1762

Committee Information

Name:Dan King for Council
ID Number:
Web Site
Address:800 28th Street, Boulder, CO 80303
Mailing Address:Same
Phone Number:720-974-7774

Committee Officers

William SkinnerTreasurer132 Chapman Road, Boulder, CO 80302303-547-5659
Gale DayMember2390 Dartmouth Ave, Boulder, CO 80305303-284-6880
Jennifer JohnsonChair770-A West Moorhead Circle, Boulder, CO 80305303-817-5876